Match your wig color with your skin tone

Match your wig color with your skin tone

Keep up with the latest hairstyle trends without disturbing your natural hair. That is the charm of wearing wigs. You do not have to spend hours together in salons to color, treat, or cut your hair. At the same time, you do not have to expose yourself to harmful chemical treatments. Especially for people in the fashion industry who can experiment by using wigs to change the look without doing it permanently. Fortunately, wigs are a blessing for people suffering from medical conditions because of which they lost their hair.

There are thousands of wig looks that one can choose from. Change your hairstyle with the change in season. As per cosmetologists, one should wear wigs that are either two shades darker or two shades lighter than your natural hair. Wigs are easy to wear but are very challenging when you go to buy them. Not all shades and styles of wig will work for everyone. Match the color of your wig hair to your skin. So consider the following important points before you invest in one.

1. Colour family: Figure out which color family your skin tone belongs to. Primarily there are two types of color family:-

• Warm tone – if red, yellow, and gold shades suit you, you have warm-toned skin.
• Cool tone – if blue, green, and silver shades give you a good get-up, you have cool-toned skin.

2.  No make-up: Match the wig hair color to your natural skin. So, wipe off all the makeup before you match the wig on you.

3. Steadfast: Pick a hair color for your wig that won’t fade away.

4. Pigments: If there is pigmentation on your face, choose golden shades for your wig.

5. Age: Choose a hair color wig that suits your age. For example, as one grows old, lighter hair tends to look more pleasing than darker shades.

6. Occasion: While choosing a wig color, figure out what occasion you are wearing it for. For a formal event, look for a more natural tone for your wigs, and for the informal or casual event take bold liberties.

Few color combinations with matching skin tones are as follows:-

  • For warm-toned skin, cool tone colors complement the looks and vice versa.
  • Colours like ashy blonde, cool browns, and brassy reds go well with warm tone skin type.
  • For pale warm-toned skin, pale blonde or silver blonde looks great.
  • For medium to dark warm-toned skin, it’s preferred to go for a wig that’s two to three shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color.
  • Rich and warm shade of wig hair color is suitable for cool tone skin shades. At the beauty shop, search for wig shades with names like ‘warm’, ‘honey,’ or ‘chocolate.’
  • Pale cool-toned skin should opt for shades of wigs like beachy golden blonde, orangey reds, or brown tones.

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