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How to find the perfect sized wig

How to find the perfect sized wig

It’s important to get the correct cap size for your wig. Nobody wants to wait for their wigs to arrive only to discover that they are either too large or too tiny to wear. Although most people will wear average-sized wigs, it is recommended that you measure your head size first to ensure a perfect fit. Although certain wigs can be adjusted up to an inch, please note that sizes differ slightly by brand and that not all wigs come in all capsizes.

Wigs are available in a wide range of sizes. The wig companies offer capsizes to match every head, from petite wigs to average and broad wigs. However, how do you know which one is best for you? It’s easy. Learn how to measure your head for your new wig by following our quick step-by-step guide below.

Securing hair:

Begin by securing your hair with a hairband or clip. Pull it up and away from your face. If your hair is short, try to tie them back with a cloth headband.

Measure your head’s circumference:

Lay a flexible tape measure around the back of your head at a point where the wig will end, reaching the base of your skull, and draw it forward just above your ears. Place the tape’s end at the midpoint of your front hairline. This will determine the diameter of your head and make a note of your calculation.

Ear to ear measurement:

Place the end of a flexible tape and measure starting just above one ear using a flexible tape measure. Pull it over the top of the head until it comes to a halt at the top of the opposite ear. Check the measurement by holding the tape measure tightly above your ear. This will determine the distance between your ears and make a note of your calculation.

Forehead to nape measurement:

Place your hair down if it is still tied up. Use a flexible tape measure and place the end of the tape in the middle of the forehead. Gently pull the tape measure from the middle of the head until the nape of your neck. Check the measurement by keeping the tape measure tightly in the place where it meets your nape. Calculate and note the measurement from the front to the back.

Size charts:

The wig companies have their size charts. Once you have head measurements, the size charts will help you determine the correct size of the wig you will need.
For the size selection, also consider body frame and natural hair length:
• Petite body – If you have a tiny body frame and a full head of hair of moderate length. Go up a size if your hair is thick and long.
• Average body – For a medium body frame and a full head of hair of moderate length, go up a size. Go down a size if you have sparse, thin, or no hair.
• Tall body – If you have a wider body frame and have sparse, thin, or no hair, go down a size.

Your wig must fit properly on your head. When wearing a wig for an extended period, it’s essential to have a nice, comfortable fit.

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