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Parnevu T- Tree braid spray


PARNEVU T-Tree Braid Spray, is designed for natural and synthetic braid wearers. It has the benefits of Australian Tea Tree oil that helps control itching. It reduces flaking and refreshes the scalp with its special menthol formula. Lastly, keratin is added to condition your hair and make them soft. 

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PARNEVU T-Tree Braid Spray, designed for natural and synthetic braid wearers, combines all the therapeutic benefits of our Australian Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca srcernifolia) in an easy-to use spray formula. Our special formula will help control the itching associated with braiding while helping to reduce flaking resulting from a dry scalp. By adding menthol to our formula, your scalp will feel refreshed and cooled with every application. Last, we blended in keratin to condition and keep the hair and scalp moisturized. For added protection from breakage around the hair edges, use our PARNEVU T-Tree Break Control.

This therapeutic braid spray helps:

  • Control itching and flaking
  • Condition and add shine



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